Phil Design studio

– Phil Design Studio, a company under Belgian law, was founded on 7 November 1995 as a “limited liability company” (SPRL).
– Managing Director Philippe Swimberghe

Philippe Swimberghe

– Industrial designer.
– Training: Art Center College of Design (Europe)
– Design consultant (SDE program) accredited by AWEX
– Lecturer at the Institut Supérieur de Design de Valenciennes (France)


How do we do it?

General perspective:
– Examine the existing concept (strengths and weaknesses)
– Ascertain the requirements
– Gather information
– Study the target and competitive products
– Analyse the initial specification

– Start to draw without too many constraints
– Create an idea bank
– Select the best ideas

Selection of 3 concepts:
– Select 3 concepts, bearing in mind the constraints:
  feasibility, ergonomics, target etc.
Refine the selected concepts
– Move from a sketch to a computer-generated image
– Remedy any problems encountered
– Check the initial specification

Selection of the final concept:
– Refine following client feedback
– Move from 2D (or virtual 3D) to physical 3D (prototypes/models)
– Analyse industrialisation, ergonomics, aesthetics (proportions, colours etc.)

Prototype and production launch:
– Test with prototype: functionality, ergonomics, materials etc.
– Validate the prototype, refine the production plans
– Draw up the production specification
– Consult the subcontractors
– Track the production launch