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Ellipse, the safety stirrup for Compositi

To design a single-branch safety stirrup for the Compositi Performance range.

To create a safety stirrup that allows the foot to be released from the stirrup during a fall thanks to a flexible branch, with jump jockeys as the main target.
Also, to design a stirrup with excellent ergonomics including, amongst other things, a shock-absorbing sole.

To avoid any distortion to the single-branch stirrup by integrating a stainless-steel structure, thus enabling a lifetime guarantee.

Polymer (plastic injection) on a metal structure. Flexible branch made of shape memory elastomer.

– Safety in case of a fall
– General ergonomics
– Sturdiness of the product

Compositi is an innovative Belgian equestrian accessory brand, which meets the needs of horse and rider throughout their lifetime. This product was created in collaboration with Cides.